Urban Wayfinding Manual Recorded Webinar (Part 4: Case Study)

Urban Wayfinding Manual Recorded Webinar (Part 4: Case Study)

This fourth webinar in the series will be an all-encompassing overview of how an urban wayfinding project comes to fruition from start to finish and how each of the players is involved in that success. Planners, designers, and fabricators will all find relevant information to their job functions in this session.

This webinar will outline the process of developing a wayfinding system in a sign district containing multiple municipal areas. The program will include all of the themes outlined in the manual from the mission statement to final implementation.

  • Municipal and Planner Leadership
  • Working with the design team
  • Financing
  • Regulatory management
  • Prototyping and fabricator bid
  • Final management

The lecture will be led by:

  • Craig Berger, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator VPED at Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Luanne Stauffer, President of the Upper Perkiomen Chamber of Commerce
  • Chris Calori, Principal Emerita at Entro | CVEDesign
  • Jessica Schrader, Senior Project Manager at Entro
  • Phil Redisch, Senior Project Manager at MSSigns


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